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Welcome to the Highlands Innovation and Technology Park webpage.

Highlands Industrial Parks Services Limited (HIPS) strives to uphold the terms of the encumbrance while remaining pragmatic about the realities for landowners and residents living and working in the Innovation and Technology Park.

Landowners are like-minded, and enthusiastic, sharing the HIPS vision for the legacy we are creating at Highlands Motorsport Park.

Together, we are committed to ensuring it is something we can be proud of and that the Innovation and Technology Park remains a great investment for the landowners.

We have created this page to give landowners easy access to day-to-day information about the park.



Please find below links to the Encumbrance documents for Stage 1 and Stage 2.

Construction Guidelines


In order to maintain the same high quality design out come within this development, we have put together a simple set of guidelines in which you are required to adhere to when designing your building.



The encumbrance requires that all parking is contained on the Lot or within garages. The following exceptions apply:

  • To facilitate business and visitors, vehicles can be parked on-street between the hours of 8 am to 6 pm daily.
  • No vehicles can be parked on-street outside of these hours or overnight
  • During race meetings at Highlands or Speedway, on-street parking is allowed 24 hours per day from Thursday to Sunday

Please contact for any parking requests or complaints (as much detail and a photo if possible please).

Campervans and Caravans


Clause 2.1 (o) of the encumbrance prohibits campervans and caravans for either temporary or permanent accommodation on any Lot.

Provided they are not lived in, campervans and caravans can be parked either on a Lot or in the trailer park, however, there is to be no overnight parking of campervans or caravans on the road.

For clarity, campervans and caravans must not be used as accommodation anywhere in the innovation park at any time.



The encumbrance requires landowners to obtain the prior written approval of HIPS before keeping any animal or bird.

We’ve created a form linked below to make it easy for you to seek our permission to keep a pet.

If you have a pet, please ensure you clean up after it and help us to maintain the grounds to a high standard.

Please also always keep pets under control. We’ve heard stories of dogs wandering into properties uninvited - this simply isn’t fair.

Should we receive complaints about your pet, we may revoke our permission to keep the pet. There is no permission for contractors to bring pets to the Innovation Park.

Trailer Park


A trailer park is available to you at the end of Quinn Way. Trailers and other vehicles must be pre-registered to use the trailer park. Please use the form at this link below. You will be given a key and have 24-hour access to this site.



The encumbrance requires landowners to obtain the prior written consent of HIPS before leasing, renting or entering into an agreement for tenancy or like occupancy of the lot or any building (or part of any building). Falcons Nest and Central Park Apartments have met this clause as they have a manager on-site to ensure the behaviour of their guests as part of their consent.

We need to be able to communicate operational matters to all residents in the innovation park regardless of if they are a landowner or a tenant. We’ve created a form linked below to make it easy to let us know the names of people tenanting your property and keep us updated if things change.

Failure to have your tenants listed on this register will be considered a breach of the encumbrance and action taken.

The tenants' names will be added to the database so that they receive email updates about the innovation park. We are also happy to include property managers where appropriate.

As a landowner, your name will remain on the email database even if you have a tenant on your property.

Please note that although we wish to communicate with tenants, the landowners always remain a party to the encumbrance. This means the landowner is ultimately responsible for the behaviour of tenants and short-term visitors. This includes where they park, how they behave and should there be consequences for their actions – they will be your consequences as the landowner, not the tenant.

Breach of Encumbrance


It is considered that by becoming a landowner, you have accepted the rules and understand your obligations.

We are normally only aware of a breach of the encumbrance if someone complains, or we see a truck /caravan parked on the road. You are welcome to report breaches to Please provide as much information as possible to enable us to act on your complaint. Complaints will be taken up with the landowner concerned.

In fairness to all other landowners, when breaches continue after feedback has been provided, we will exercise the penalty afforded to us by the encumbrance (clause 1.2). This is a charge equivalent to twenty times the annual charges to be paid to HIPS.

Track Access for Innovation Park


Landowners procedure to access the circuit via the Pit Lane gate:

  • Access is subject to operational needs on the day.
  • You must have signed in with the Ops room.
  • When you are at the gate, please contact Highlands Front Desk on 03 445 4052 and advise if you would like access. They will arrange for the gates to be opened.
  • If crossing to the museum, you must follow the track in its natural direction. You are unable to cross the front of the track from Pit Lane to the Museum.
  • Race suits and helmets must be worn at all times when accessing the track.

Access to the Innovation Park

  • The gate at the Cemetery Road entrance to the Innovation and Technology Park is open between 5 am and 9 pm daily.   However from Thursday to Sunday, on race weekends at either Highlands or Speedway the gate is open 24 X 7.
  • When closed, the gate can be opened by scanning a fob. Each property receives two fobs. Additional or replacement fobs can be purchased for $50. Please email to get fobs issued or for replacement fobs.  
  • Additionally, you can register two cell phone numbers in our software. When the gate is called from either of these two cell phone numbers it will open. This is handy for providing access for your guests. Please email to register phone numbers.

Highlands Access

  • Buggy Track: There is a buggy/walking track behind Silverstone Drive that provides direct access to Highlands via a gate. The gate can be opened via your fobs between the hours of 8am and 6pm daily. We may adjust these times to account for special events at Highlands.

Golf Karts

  • Carts are a motor vehicle that can be dangerous if not used correctly. Some people believe that due to their relatively low speed that rules around their use are not important - this is incorrect.
  • Dangerous use of a golf carts can negatively impact the experience of other Highlands, residents and members, which is an issue that Highlands Services company takes seriously.
  • These are public roads, therefore you must have a car license to operate a Golf Kart in the Innovation Park. Please report any dangerous behaviour to James immediately.

Tennis Court

  • The use of the tennis court is on a first come first served basis.
  • Please observe the rules displayed at the tennis court.

BBQ Area

  • The BBQ and picnic area in the centre of the Central Park Apartments and the BBQ area on the corner of Quinn Way and Monaco Drive are for the use of everyone living at the park.
  • Please be respectful of other residents when using these facilities.


  • Heather Lindsay, Membership Manager, is your day-to-day point of contact for anything to do with your Highlands Membership as well as the design guidelines and submissions for Stage 2. Heather can be contacted at
  • Scott Pinfold-Woodcock, Health & Safety Manager, is your day-to-day contact for any property, landownership or encumbrance queries. Scott can be contacted on

Open Fires


Update 10th December, 2023. Due to recent incidents in our region and given the increasing concerns related to fire hazards and public safety, Highlands Innovation Park Services are implementing a ban on open fires within the park (both Stage 1 & 2) effective immediately. This measure aims to minimise the risk of accidental fires, protect property, and ensure the safety of all residents and is in line with the current restricted fire season announced by the New Zealand Fire Service.

This prohibits the ignition of open flames, including but not limited to bonfires, fireworks, drum fires, Construction burn offs and other open burning activities, (excluding BBQ s. Gas heaters etc) within the boundaries of the park.

We Recommend


Breen have been a supporter and partner of Highlands since the beginning. They helped build Highlands in 2012 and have been involved in many of our projects around the Park since. 

If your needing help with your next project or build, reach out to Breen here.

We couldn't recommend them more!