Highlands – If You Build It, They Will Come

‘Who the hell built this place?’, ‘Holy moly! This is incredible,’ and ‘Some people might think I’m crazy’ are just some of the chapter headings in If You Build It They Will Come which tells the story of the first ten years of Highlands.

The team at Highlands are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved over the last ten years. This book does a great job of capturing the journey we’ve been on and celebrating the people that helped to make a crazy dream into a beautiful reality. Written by the incredible Rob Tighe, the author who brought us Tony Quinn’s biography - Zero to 60.

It’s packed full of stories about the people who made it happen and stunning photography that highlights what makes Highlands such a unique location: from the Famous Five who had the original idea to build a racetrack on a patch of rabbit-infested wasteland on the outskirts of Cromwell, to the pivotal meeting with Tony Quinn who offered to build a world-class facility in record time and put his heart and soul into making sure it was a success, to the drivers who rave about Highlands as one of the best tracks in the world, and to the team that make the whole thing tick. The book also acknowledges the support of the members and the local community, without whom none of it would be possible.

It’s been a wild ride and there’s lots more to come.

Here’s to the next ten years!

Highlands – If You Build It, They Will Come is available for $49.


About the author

Robert Tighe has been working with words for 20 years, initially as an award-winning journalist and more recently as a business storytelling consultant and ghostwriter. Previously he was the New Zealand Country Editor for The Red Bulletin, a magazine published by Red Bull, before starting his own business to help people and companies tell better stories. In 2015, he worked with Tony Quinn on his life story ‘Zero to 60’, a book that went to number one on the New Zealand non-fiction best sellers’ list.