Here at Highlands, we’re used to first-time visitors shaking their heads in amazement.
“Whoever built this place is either mad or a genius,” is a phrase we’ve heard many times!

The mad genius behind Highlands is Tony Quinn, a Scottish-Australian-Kiwi entrepreneur who also happens to have a thing for toilets.

“We spend a considerable part of our lives in the toilet and as you get older you need to visit them more often,” says TQ as he’s known around Highlands. “You can learn a lot about a hotel, restaurant, cafe or country from its toilets. Take Japan for example. Great toilets, great country. New Zealand should be very proud of its toilets. We’ve got good, clean, well-maintained public toilets and we’ve come a long way since the long drop.”

As well as some of the best toilets in the world, New Zealand also has its fair share of weird and wonderful tourist attractions. You’ve got the giant carrot in Ohakune, the giant trout in Gore, Bradrona (a fence of bras just up the road from Cromwell in Cardrona).

Highlands opened in 2013 and quickly became the most popular destination in Cromwell for tourists, Highlands Chief Operating Officer Josie Spillane explained, that it put a strain on their toilets.
So, our number one goal when we built Loo with a View was to improve the toilet facilities for our visitors.  Highlands has grown to be an iconic tourism destination, and the toilets have been created to drive further visitors to the facility – there is a method to our ‘madness’.

“We came up with lots of different ideas about what we could do with the toilets and the Loo with a View floated to the top” says TQ.

Each of the toilets has one-way glass which gives guests a stunning view of the race-track.
And each of the toilets has a different theme and is instantly Instagramable.

The Royal Suite – the ultimate in loo luxury with gold panelling and a sensory experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. For those who enjoy a decadent duty.
Highlands History – for the dedicated motorsport fan. But be warned, it’s not intended as a private box where you can sit and watch a race. There may be an electric shock system or a timed door that opens if you haven’t finished your business in time.
For the Ladies – quotes and cartoons to make you smile.
Male Humour – more jokes than you can shake a stick at.
Sound of Music – Take aim in urinals cleverly disguised as musical instruments. We’ve also got a very special presidential urinal that bears an uncanny resemblance to someone that you may or may not recognise.  It is actually Hugh Jass from Tarras.

As well as the business side to the toilets, they are also promoting a serious call to action with the loo’s also launching Highlands support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  3,500 Kiwi men each year are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and sadly 600 of them will tragically lose their lives to this disease.

Early detection is the best protection and Highlands is determined to get that message across loud and clear as well as raise much needed funds for research and support.  Paul Hayes from the Prostate Cancer Foundation, says they were flushed with excitement when they got the call from Highlands.  “We are really excited about the potential for these toilets to help us with our call to action for Kiwi men to get the check.  It’s a serious subject, but this is a light hearted way to ensure our message is loud and clear.  We already enjoy a great relationship with their sister track Hampton Downs, and we’ve  begun discussions about a Pedal for Prostate on the Highlands track next year”

Spillane concludes, “ It’s not in our style to doing anything half a%$ed.  The toilets will not only bring a smile to people’s faces, our goal is for them to be the “Fergburger” of toilets – everyone needs to try it, take a photo of it and spread the word. We are really proud at the same time, that they are also going to do their bit for the health of Kiwi men”.

loo with a view musical urinals
Musical Urinals
The Buggar Room
The Buggar Room