Hi there Cromwell,

We are incredibly excited to be inviting Cromwell residents to be involved in improving mental health in our community.

It's no secret that New Zealand faces a mental health challenge, particularly amongst its young people. New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates globally and a shortage of resources to provide education and support.

In March, Highlands, via Tony Quinn’s Popeye Legacy, worked with Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) to provide five years of funding for a Social Worker for the schools of Cromwell. In June, Highlands is also funding ASK Community and School programs. These programs break down the stigma and barriers associated with mental health by using strategies that speak to everyday people.

On June 18th we are holding our first ASK Community Workshop delivered by Prevent Consultants.

The ASK program is led by Prevent Consultants and teaches the skills needed to maintain positive mental health and to support our kids as they navigate their teenage years. In addition to the ASK Schools workshops, Highlands has also arranged an ASK Community workshop.

The workshop will cover early intervention strategies to help participants handle a developing mental health problem, experiencing a worsening mental health problem or someone in a mental health crisis. The workshop's goal is to break down the stigma and barriers associated with mental health issues and do it in a way that speaks to everyday people.

The workshops are facilitated by 'lived experienced' presenters that encourage and enable participants to build a culture that harmonises their daily life, community and values.

Highlands invites the entire Cromwell Community to come along to the ASK Community Workshop on Saturday the 18th of June being held from 1 pm to 4 pm to help build upon this incredible initiative. Due to space constraints, you need to register for this event.  

The workshop will be held at Pit Lane at Highlands, accessed via the Highlands Innovation & Technology Park.

To register for the community event please click here

Watch the video below of Trent from Prevent Consultants talking about the ASK School & Community Workshops in Cromwell