Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell and popular New Zealand grass-roots motorsport series NaZCAR are teaming up to deliver a first-of-its-kind Lemons endurance racing event on November 2.

Running through the AASA permitting authority, NaZCAR entered the New Zealand motorsport scene in 2016 with a 24-hour endurance event at Hampton Downs.

Since then, they’ve become an industry-leading grass-roots series featuring some of the most extensive grids in the country. The series aims to make racing safe, fun, and affordable for motorsport enthusiasts.

Highlands remains committed to all forms of endurance racing, and SIERDC’s surprising decision not to compete at the venue this year presents the perfect opportunity for a long-format NaZCAR Lemons event.

“With SIERDC choosing to skip Highlands in 2024, we found ourselves with two spare days within our ‘race day allocation’, so for one of the days, we’ve worked with Dr Jacob Simonsen to bring Lemons to Highlands,” said venue CEO Josie Spillane.

“Endurance racing and Highlands go hand-in-hand, and we’ve hosted some fantastic events over the past ten years, from the 101’s to our recent Highlands 6-Hour, which was a great success.

“NaZCAR Lemons are a welcome addition to our 2024 line-up - It’s safe, entertaining, fun, and we are confident there will be a waiting list to participate in the event!

November’s one-day event will also feature the Whoop Whoops corner approaching the iconic Highlands bridge, another first for the venue.

Over the past eight years, NaZCAR Lemons have regularly raced at Hampton Downs and Taupo International Motorsport Park and have recently expanded their South Island presence.

A meet at Highlands has been a long time in the making for series founder Dr Jacob Simonsen, who recognises the support he has received from the Tony Quinn-led group has helped NaZCAR Lemons bloom.

“Highlands is the holy grail of racetracks in this country, so the excitement level from us is beyond ecstatic to be able to come and play there,” he said.

“We've been planning to get there for years. I know there are constraints, so for us to have this opportunity is unbelievably cool.

“Josie and the Tony Quinn group have been among our biggest supporters since day one. They’ve always made us feel welcome at their racetracks, which is a testament to them allowing us to express ourselves.

 “The growth has been fantastic, largely thanks to the trust and collaboration Josie and her team have afforded us. With this support, we’ve been able to really express our form of motorsport, which is focussed on fun, while ensuring safety is still a key factor.”

Results play second-fiddle in Lemons’ events, with safe, easy, fun and affordable seat time taking centre stage.

“It’s a bit like Whose Line is It Anyway; the points don’t matter!” adds Dr. Simonsen. “It’s not a race; everyone is relaxed, enjoys themselves, and has a good time. It’s a whole different vibe.

Further information regarding November’s event will be released in due course. For now, save the date – 2 November 2024.