Hi there Cromwell,

We are incredibly excited to be inviting Cromwell residents for a second year to be involved in improving mental health in our community.

It’s no secret that New Zealand faces a mental health challenge, particularly among its young people. New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates globally and a shortage of resources to provide education and support.  

In March last year, Highlands pledged to fund a social worker for schools of Cromwell for five years. In addition to this support, we also wanted to play a role in being the “gate at the top of the cliff” and give kids the tools to have a strong mental health, so we have also funded community and school workshops delivered by Prevent Consultants which  were received really well by the students, parents, teachers and community that attended.  We are delighted to be offering these workshops for both the schools and community again – and encourage the community to make the most of these workshops.

An important part for any community to having a strong mental health is that it is embraced by the people in the community. The aim is to ensure that every child gets the right tools from the beginning – to set them up for life, and ensure that as parents and a community we have those tools to support them too.

Starting with a community event on 18 March 2023, Prevent Consultants will deliver an inspiring, informative workshop facilitated by ‘lived-experience’ presenters. Participants will be encouraged to develop the skills needed for positive mental health and community well-being. The workshop will focus on developing the notion that health is holistic, bringing focus to the individual and how they can take control of their well-being.  

The community workshop is equally suited to residents that came last year, and first-timers. All Cromwell residents are encouraged to be involved in improving mental health in the community. Come along to the community workshop being held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, 18 March 2023 and help build upon this incredible initiative.  

The workshop will be held at The Gate - 6 Barry Avenue in Cromwell and light refreshments will be served. Due to space constraints, you need to register for this event.  

Click here to register for the community event.

Highlands support mental health initiative
Sammi Johnston (Prevent Consultants), James Woodcock (People & Projects Manager - Highlands) , Sara Davis (Prevent Consultants), Amy Kahukura (Social Worker, Cromwell Youth Trust), Josie Spillane (CEO at Highlands, Hampton Downs, Taupo MP and Game Over) & Kyle Reed (Prevent Consultants).